Special Educational Needs Resources

Throughout my time working in SEN I have discovered a wealth of little gems which have proved invaluable to me and the children I work with.

This page will be updated regularly with information I think maybe useful to others. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions you have discovered.

Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (SENCoP) - This document is my Bible. It sums up all my beliefs and passions and makes them viable.

Anyone who works within the SEN workforce should take the time to get to know this document. Given half the chance I would read it as my nine years olds bedtime story, she wasn't keen. 

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) - I don't think I've worked with a child yet, who has benefited greatly from some degree of PECS implementation. The concept is brilliant and it is so easy to implement, either by purchasing the pre-made resources or very inexpensively creating your own. Personally I favour the latter option, simply as it means you can tailor your resources to perfectly suit the child you are working with. 
Every use of PECS so far has been incredibly successful, and enjoyed immensely by the pupil :)

SEN Teacher website - This is a fab resource. One which I have nestled into my favourites bar. Not a day goes by when I don't have a browse. 

Laura Candler's Teaching resources - Not Specifically SEN but some wonderful resources none the less. Make a cup of tea for this one, there's a lot to look around. 

Makaton Charity website - I've used Makaton signing with a number of different children, not only those with SEN, but within a whole class setting. It's great for the other children to learn (via nursery rhymes/songs etc), enabling them to communicate in a mutual language with Makaton users. It's easy to teach yourself, I did! I highly recommend the Makaton core vocabulary book as a first port of call. Then buy extra subject specific materials as and when required. Don't forget Mr Tumble can make Makaton learning fun and interactive for children. 


Singing Hands - A wonderful way for children and adults to learn Makaton signing... through the use of song! 

The DirectGov info page on SEN within our schools

Numicon - A highly visual and tactile, numeracy learning platform.

TES - TES Special Needs Teaching Resources

Reading Eggs - "Learning to read is an important skill for all children, the brain behind Reading Eggs wanted to make it an enjoyable experience for children too. Children love working and playing on the computer and the Reading Eggs program is all about bringing out the best in each child."

The Teaching Ideas website is a hive of knowledge and inspiration. Take a look :)

YPO Special Needs resources - Read my article here